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"Considered design research that'll make customers, clients (and their pockets) happy"

Design Research

Investing time in researching your market, prior to pen hitting paper, is invaluable.


Creating brands that speak to your consumers isn't always straightforward, but considering your market from the very beginning means valuable development time isn't wasted later in the process.

This doesn't mean a quick Google Search of your most obvious competitor, but immersing yourself both inside and outside your industry to find fresh, innovative inspiration.

On Poynt Creative offers an all-inclusive design research service. Our tried-and-tested four-step process entails...

1. Firstly, an hour(ish!)-long consultation to discuss your vision for the brand or project.

2. Subsequently, setting out research targets to ensure we understand your market inside and out.


3. Next, conducting a bespoke design research process by creating moodboards with various looks & feels, customer profiling and comparable brand exploration. Please see below to fully discover what each of these services entails.

4. Then, culminating in an extended feedback meeting to present and discuss the findings and inspiration on which to build the foundations of your brand. 

Together, this tailored design research will inform your overall brand or project's look and help you skyrocket above the competition.

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If you want to learn more about On Poynt Creative's services, have a look at our company brochure!

Our design research service includes: 


Moodboard creations

Gathering design tears and inspiration to visualise a specific look for your brand

Competitor analysis

Visually researching what your industry competitors are doing to succeed, but more importantly what they're not; this can help define a place for your brand in the market

Analogous brand exploration

Investigating brand look & feels outside of your direct industry, but still aligned to your customer's interests - this can ignite new design inspiration

Customer profiling

Understanding your customers' interests, purchasing habits and design tastes, to a build brand tailored to them

Theme development

Developing a series of potential 'stories' to underpin your brand, giving your customers something to invest in


Get in touch to discuss any specific research requirements for your next creative project.

laptop with design on screen
If you want to learn more about On Poynt Creative's services, have a look at our company brochure!

"On Poynt Creative have been outstanding. I worked with them to develop my brand from scratch. They over delivered throughout the entire process, from the exploratory phase where they take the time to get to know you and what you're looking to achieve, right through the ideation and developments stages."

David Bell - Brand Owner, RE:AL Sports Nutrition

Great design research projects...

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RE:AL Sports Nutrition



Penny's Cocktails

A cocktail brand bursting

with personality.

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Bevis Marks

Private finance with finesse.

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