Beck & Call Cocktails

Bar standard drinks at (well) your beck and call.

Beck and Call Cocktails are on a mission. To bring bar-quality tasting cocktails and with an easy serve to the masses. With a background in hospitality, Amit the brand owner was looking for a brand to accompany his drinks, fun & playful with a hint of premium punctuation which would enable them to be gifted as well as bought as a core range of bottles for the home bar.

We developed an illustration style with flares of punchy colour, accompanied by flashes of gold foil to give the edge of a premium serve. There were small elements of humour within the packaging, namely the line of copy on the ‘spine’ of the label nodded to a bit of cocktail ‘fun’ – our favourite being, “get this senorita another margarita” (well done Harry, top work.)

Beck and Call have now managed to get their cocktails into a number of retail outlets in Europe, with Sweden being their biggest market. They also have forged a partnership with Benito’s, the Mexican restaurant chain and are eyeing expansion on the flavours as they continue to grow.

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