At the end of the day, and when sustainability boils down to it’s truest ethos, less is always more.

Taking inspiration from surf brands and purpose led brands from Mark’s ( CEO and sustainable materials guru) time spent in Cornwall ‘learning the trade’ we designed a super clean aesthetic, magazine style typography and paired it all with beautifully considered imagery to build a look and feel that harked back to simplicity and freshness.

We don’t often pull logos out in our brands, but in this case we wanted to highlight the thinking surrounding the work mark as the story behind it is so lovely. The logo is designed to start thick, illuding to businesses starting with ‘a lot’ of impact on the environment. This then reduces, gets thinner, and thinner to illustrate the reduction in impact that business has. has since worked on projects with M&S, Nike and Holland and Barrett, with the brand look and feel allowing them to access these clients.

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