City of Leicester

It seems to be par for the course that, when it comes to public sector marketing, items seem to lack the functionality and personality that the private sector often use to their advantage to build brands.


The team at Invest in Leicester came to On Poynt looking fora refresh of their location marketing; a way of presenting their vacant business premises to encourage more employment opportunities and investment into the region.


We took, what was, a dull – stark design with little character and added illustrative elements, texture and depth to the piece of advertising which made the promotion more appealing in a sea of other councils who didn’t have the level of personality.


Innovation was also key here. We used our knowledge of UI and UX design to create a digital version of the map, utilised on their website and on tablets at shows, that gave the user an interactive experience with the opportunity for Call to Actions and an extra level of detail they couldn’t gain from a folded leaflet.

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