Marked Improvement

The building blocks of brilliant e-learning platforms.

As a breed, e-learning platforms are often stale, boring and corporate. They don’t particularly reflect the engaging learning systems they produce for clients. That’s we grabbed Marked Improvement by the collar and injected the brand with colour, shape and approachability.

One of our values as an agency is to be ‘disruptive in everything’ and this is highlighted no better than in this brand, with shaped business cards, app style website and ‘spinny wheel’ leaflets perfect to tell their adaptable narrative.

“We've been working with On Poynt for around 7 months now as our branding partner, helping us to reinvent our brand identity. They're a great bunch to work with and their creativity has had a really positive impact on our business, as shown by the pic of our new trade show stand in London last week. Dan's a man on a mission and On Poynt have a big future ahead of them.”

Charles Shields

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