Art on wheels.


That’s how Oshe was pitched to On Poynt. Forget a sports carplaced on a driveway with remanence of the track day last Saturday afternoon.These drivable pieces are meant to be admired and kept pristine.


They do, however, come with a rather large price tag. Theselimited edition cars aren’t going to be available on the open market, thecraftsmanship and detail finessed into every nut and bolt means that theycommand a price analogous to a Van Gogh original. They really are the ultimateboy’s toy.  


We were tasked with driving a sense of prestige, beauty andsophistication into their brand and website. Imagery good enough to adorn astately home, and typography found in up market fragrance and crafted furniturebrands.


Our result has steered Oshe onto a track to success. Withbrand guidelines sure to keep them from veering around a hairpin bend.

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