Quantum 4 EuroShop Stand

“They are just a bunch of glorified air-fix builders really aren’t they…”

…is what Harry said to Dan as they sat down to develop Quantum 4’s exhibition stand for EuroShop, the world’s biggest retail design expo. It is testament to how busy they were with clients that they were unable to find the time to design this sort of space themselves. But, as (mainly) graphic designers, we were happy to test our capability elsewhere.

We came up with a number of concepts to delivery, the chosen one being the ‘air-fix’ style kit, with one wall representing the well-being of the planet through clever material use and sourcing – and the other adjacent wall being representative of people’s wellbeing - ergonomics and accessibility. The narrative of the stand was that these two factors were essential to designing a modern retail environment.

But what was most clever here, was the literature that went with the ‘kit’. You see, there is no point in a kit, without the instructions to put it together; and the handout that was given out at the show was the instruction booklet around the process to build the ‘model retail space’ (see what we did there.)

The stand is one of Dan’s favourite things On Poynt have ever produced to this day – we managed to win an 2023 Exhibitor Award for the design and narrative meaning, out of 2,500 stands at the show, we were in the top 20.

Well-earned beer for the studio after this one.

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