Spark Academy

The groan of children as they are forced out the door, on acold Tuesday morning is all to familiar to parents. You see, the issue is thatschools just don’t inspire excitement in the younger generation, they are stuckin an age where text books and chewed biros are the call of the day and theirsuccess is measured by a letter on the front of an exam.


Enter Spark Academy, run by Mital in the heart ofLeicester’s Golden mile. Spark do things differently, they teach the same nuggets of wisdom, from trigonometry to test tubes and everything in-between –but as they approached On Poynt they didn’t quite have a look and feel they believed was analogous with the modern-day lifestyle of a ‘Gen-z-er’.


In an ultra-digital, modern society, brands and businesses need to grab consumer attention quicker than ever before. We took Spark back to school with our fun, punchy aesthetic, more engaging for kids and more approachable for parents. Our imagery of actual Spark Academy students, with a illustrated overlay of their hypothetical careers created a narrative of ambition and high achievement without being too stuffy as schools can often make.

“On Poynt Creative thought about what we wanted and he also introduced new marketing tag lines that we can incorporate and utilise. Their creativity and flair really stood out for me - he thought outside the box and didn’t shy away from big-picture, blue sky thinking.”

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