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The Cricket Store - The Cricket Pro Experience

Dan is a cricket nut, so when James approached On Poynt wanting to shake up the cricket retail industry, Dan jumped at the chance. The Cricket Store is on a mission, to give cricketers a better experience when buying equipment. That better experience for the majority of players could be described as the ‘pro experience’ – trying all the equipment in the shop and diagnosing the best option to improve their game.


No better is this shown by TCS than the ‘try before you buy’ initiative.A process whereby customers can pick up to 4 bats, try them all out and send back the three that didn’t suit them.

When researching (and from Dan’s personal cricketing experience) we thought most cricket stores were pretty dull, we so redesigned it with more dynamism than a flying catch at first slip – a strong red and white colour palette and hints of humour and wit within the tone of voice.


We also designed the ‘back end’ platform – that only brands and bat makers would see to keep the brand feel consistent at all touch points – even those that aren’t ‘typically’ consumer facing.

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