Harry Lings

Graphic designer

Ello ello!

I’m Harry, a Middleweight designer here at the On Poynt Penthouse.

In the studio, I pride myself on holding the record for the most bacon butties consumed on the daily, hogging 90% of the songs in the playlist and being the lone Scunthorpe united supporter of the office (up the iron).

Apart from the essentials, I started at On Poynt fresh out of uni after being scouted as a Junior designer by our bossman Dan. Joining On Poynt in the early days as a prominent illustrator, I’ve flourished into what I’d call the Wayne Rooney of the team, a strong all round player, an out-of-the-box style finisher and an incredible mumbler.

Particularly, I love working with entrepreneurs and businesses that are open to using our wildcard option, allowing me the freedom to craft and communicate really playful ideas and bring something new to the table (well… my screen) that will truly stand out from competitors.

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