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drinks can design for holiday company

Europe's leading supplier of mobile canning.


Who are Them That Can?


Them that Can (TTC) are the leading supplier of adaptable, mobile canning in Europe. They specialise in bringing the beverage packaging process to a client’s premises and are the UK market leaders in this service.


Basically, they're the king of canning. They set the bar in mobile canning services for the rest of the industry to follow. If they dare...

can design for national history museum

What did they need?


In June 2020, TTC were looking for a rebrand to reflect their innovation, professionalism and to attract new clients. With this, they requested a new logo with a fresh overarching look & feel, plus print & online advertising templates to use across their social media outputs. 

What did On Poynt Creative provide?


Working closely with their MD, Jamie, On Poynt Creative supplied TTC with multiple logo ideas - developing and adapting the iconography to cater for a new look & feel.

We took inspiration from the imagery surround cans, played on their USP (the mobility and adaptability they provide) and looked at clear, fresh sans serifs to promote an innovative, professional service. 

On Poynt Creative also developed two original print advertisements for TTC, using humour and the familar drinks can shape to create a solution that was both clever and relatable.


The adverts featured in the Brewers’ Journal July & August editions with a view for future use.

logo design notebook

Part of the work we completed for TTC was a conceptual branding template featuring six well-known brands. This design solution was to showcase the print processes and product variations TTC can offer clients.


Below are some of the final designs that were presented back to TTC. These renders are utilised by the company when pitching for new business and on promotional media.

 The complete list of services that On Poynt Creative provided TTC includes:​​

  • Logo design - a complete rebrand mission 

  • Design research

  • Print advertisements

  • Social media templates

  • Conceptual branding templates

This project is a great example of how On Poynt Creative can refresh a brand's identity - giving character, professionalism and, overall, a new lease of life. 

“We highly recommend Dan’s work for his attention to detail and his agency’s communication with their clients. They listen to the brief and are able to bring ideas to life which are fresh and unique.”

Mark Banks - Marketing Director, TTC

Flat logos move aside...

To ensure a customer understands how a concept would look on their product, marketing or social media, we provide multiple case studies along with each logo design.


We find that this brings the project alive for a client, giving them a better idea of which solutions will work best for them. In some cases, we are able to cater these images towards a certain purpose.

For example, if your business is in need of baseball caps or new t-shirts, we can provide renders of a logo in the ‘environment’. On the left is a selection of 'in-context' images from the TTC logo development.

If, like TTC, you're looking to rebrand your business or want a fully-comprehensive branding service that will bring your vision to life, then please get in touch. Let's see what we can do, together. 

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