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On the one hand, you need to get into that bridesmaid dress, hung in your wardrobe, staring you in the face like a regretful reminder of the Krispy Kreme you devoured last week.


Thirsty Gal Drinks are the experts in the ‘FOMO diet’. Liberating Thirsty Gal’s to twerk the night away, without the guilt of sugary, ‘calorific’ alcohol.


On Poynt worked alongside Siobhan, the head Thirsty Gal, to design the look & feel of her brand, as well as her brand story.

This brand sold out of it's first product run within

4 hours

drinks can on top of glittery boot

“On Poynt are a dream to work with. They make you feel at ease and and delve into the finest detail so you don't have to. 5 stars all round!”

Siobhan Linney - Thirsty Gal
Thirty Gal Lychee Martini can design
can design pornstar martini
young can design pornstar martini

"Thirsty Gal represents a brand we created that is full of 'sassy' personality. We don'd do boring. We give our all to our clients to ensure they have a product and creative they truly believe in."

Dan Poynton - On Poynt MD 

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