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Vinyls, Banners & Stickers

Whether your fashion boutique needs a fun window vinyl or bustling coffee shop requires an outdoor canvas barrier, we’re here to help!


Our vinyls, banners & stickers solution allows you to promote your business on vehicles, windows, packaging and create semi-permanent signage within your premises!

*All prices below are baseline costs. If you are looking for a quote specific to your individual menu & price list needs, then give us a call!*

Rectangle Window Vinyl
Rectangle Floor Vinyl


Large window vinyl for your company logo?  ✅

Multiple floor vinyls to guide customers around your shop? ✅

We can supply funky, fun and on-brand vinyl designs to fit your business requirements. 

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Prices starting from


Circle Window Vinyl
Square Floor Vinyl

Canvas Barriers

Great as queue dividers or outdoor barriers surrounding your premises, canvas barriers are a simple, yet effect, marketing solution to get your brand image out there!

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Prices starting from

biddy roller banner.jpg
Single-Sided Roller Banner

Roller Banners

Communicate your business' powerful message with a roller banner! Perfect to put up at an event or your premises to promote a new product.

We can design and print single or double-sided roller banners - all accompanied with an aluminium base and padded carry case.

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Prices starting from

Double-Sided Roller Banner
Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 11.34_edited.jpg


“Stickers?” I hear you say. Yes, stickers are a fantastic way to help your brand ‘stick’ in customers minds and encourage them to become part of your community.


Our range of self-adhesive stickers are perfect on takeaway orders, bottles or as a free gift for customers. We can supply square, circular or die-cut options on both clear & solid colour stock.

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Prices starting from


Square Stickers
Small Circular Stickers
Rectangle Stickers
Waterproof Bottle Stickers

On Poynt Creative can also arrange printing services for your print marketing. Just tell us what size and paper you require & we'll do the rest! 

Give us a call or drop us a line to discuss specific printing costs for your next project.

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