Why creative advertising is so important to communicate your brand message

Here at On Poynt, we know that marketing your business through effective advertisement is a must to communicate to your target audience why they should purchase your product or service. A truly creative advertisement, tag line or marketing campaign can propel your business from  'plodding along' to a household name. Advertising is very hard to get right without a creative agency, or advertising agency that knows how to manipulate brilliant design techniques to gain your audiences attention.

In an age where digital formats seem to be taking over, and an audiences attention span seems to be declining, brilliant advertising campaigns are required to communicate the important message your business wants to give. Brilliant moving imagery through video, or creative print campaigns are what we specialise in, our graphic designers have built ad campaigns for beer brands to tuition schools - we know what the target audience is looking for and the emotional connection your brand must have with the audience.

Find out below why our print advertising and digital marketing campaign service is one of the best in class.


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Types of advertising we provide; Print Advertising and Digital Marketing Campaigns

Print Advertising

Billboards to Brochures, clever print advertising is still extremely important form of marketing in an ever more digital world.  We use brilliant graphic design know-how and professional marketing tactics to grab an audience's attention as the are bombarded with print advertising campaigns in magazines, or drive past billboards and poster ads in their cars. We also have a number of contacts in production and implementation who can supply you with great locations and editorial magazines to place your print adverts.

Digital marketing campaigns

Moving imagery is fast taking over from print media as the chosen choice of advertising for many brands. Video or animation is more eye catching, more engaging and the ability to change the marketing message and create an emotional response through ad campaigns. Our design team uses marketing tools to help your audience better understand your services's features and benefits or the product's ability to improve their lives.

Social Media Advertising

The main way that the younger generation consume information and find businesses and brands relevant to them. Through a series of ads placed on Tik Tok, Instagram or Linkedin, we can raise awareness and increase engagement and followers, meaning your organic posts reach more followers. We also partner with great social media marketing agencies that can help you organise PPC and run Instagram or Facebook ads through digital channels.

Video Production

Our video production crew produce brilliant brand videos to creatively capture the attention of your audience. We use motion graphics, storyboarding and a quality final edit to make sure the final product and the video content sing to your target audience. From explainer video to professional voice over actors, leave it to us to make a lasting impression. Take a look at out videography service page for more information.

Important features of any good advertising plan


A solid marketing strategy for your product: make a marketing plan

At the start of any good advertising campaign, a marketing plan including clear marketing objectives should be formulated. The marketing goals will define what the marketing team considers an effective communication channel, and what digital marketing channels you might use or the content strategy of your print advertising.


Successful marketing CTAs (Call to actions)

It might be the most successful marketing campaign you've ever formulated in terms of creative graphic design. But, if you don't tell your audience where to go after creating the content, the advertising will never work. CTA's are particularly important in creating effective digital marketing activities. Buttons on an email marketing campaign, or having a plan in place to collect data on your customers means more specific marketing, targeted to even finer audiences.


Create effective content marketing

A content marketing strategy, including creating a blog and video marketing are great ways to create an effective narrative with a customer base. SEO and content marketing is one of the biggest advertising growth sectors of the last 10 years and taking over from traditional marketing methods quickly. Make sure you are using a professional in SEO and digital marketing strategy, (like us!) to make the most of this opportunity.


Make the most of important digital free marketing platforms

Content you create can sometimes be the strongest digital advertising you ever produce. That's because it's raw, authentic and people buy into you. Build a marketing strategy that enables you to create content by yourself and implement your strategy weekly, sometimes even daily to ensure that you have consistent and quality contact with your target audience.


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