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A complete guide to investor ready pitch deck design

The On Poynt story started when Dan believed the COVID 19 Pandemic presented an opportunity to design start-up brands that build the foundations of entrepreneurs dream vocations. We know its sometimes not possible to finance a start-up business by yourself, which is why we have a massive amount of experience in building investor pitch deck presentations, designed to articulate your unique brand, product or service in a visual, impactful pitch.

If you just can't get a Powerpoint presentation slide deck to look great (it's harder than it looks!), or a to create a pitch deck seems like a daunting task, you're in the right place. On our Brand Presentation and Pitch Deck service page, you'll find our top tips to help you design a top pitch potential investors will go wild for, or you can get in touch to ensure your you have a winning pitch deck.


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Our best pitch deck design tips: Create a perfect pitch deck

Identify your presentation goal

Bullet Point your pitch deck or brand presentation goals. A brilliant business pitch deck is to the point and keeps an investor engaged. They don't need to know everything about your brand, neither should they. Make sure your slides contain the key points your target audience will find interesting and always relate the points you are making back to the overall goal of the presentation deck.

Make the most of emotions

As brand designers we know all too well that the best brands play on emotion. Tugging on something that relates to the audiences life makes a good pitch deck great, thats because if an investor or audience feels connected to your business, that chance of them buying into the business model is greatly increased. Use language that is analogous to your audiences industry and casual terms whilst keeping a professional pitch deck in terms of visual identity.

Don’t get stingy with your brand presentation slides

Too much copy is the killer of a great presentation

It's a well known fact that people don't engage with words on a slide design. You see the best presentation examples keep reading to a minimum. They are build to be presented by a passionate entrepreneur and so pitch decks are designed as a supplement to the the speech you make. So don't be stingy with the amount of presentation slide you use, keep the audience engaged by flicking through multiple slides that are visually appealing.

There's no such thing using a lot of slides here. You may end up with a lot, but the rate you tun through them will mean the listener is constantly interested,  

Get creative with your presentation slides

The best pitch deck example On Poynt had ever seen, didn't really look like a pitch deck. It used animations, interaction and adaptability to keep your presentation exciting and engaging. You see its not all about font, colour and logo like it was in the 90s slide deck design with modern presentation software has so much more potential these days. They can be more like websites than presentations with the amount of different tools and th library of pitch deck templates available to you.

We are masters in making a marketing presentation sing. So if this all sounds daunting, get in touch.  

Consider a Pitch Deck Template if you choose to go on your own

One of the best ways, and the most time effective is to base a presentation on a deck template you can use. It inherently holds pitch deck best practices within it's design, so you can be sure its a solid option for communicating your message.

A word of warning though, to keep your pitch deck standing out from the crowd you might want to use a professional design tea, to ensure it is 100% original and creative. So many design pitches all over the world will use the same template, its often difficult to stand out.

Our process to design a pitch deck that will impress investors


Discovery meeting with the brand designers

Let's find out the brand mission and purpose of the slides. This is key to the pitch deck's success as it points our compass in the right direction to ensure all the key points are hit. It's also a great place to speak to you and nail your brand voice and brand message.


Scamping out and planning

Planning a business pitch deck template before we start designing is very important. It makes sure we know the design considerations we need to give attention to and makes sure all slides are consistent and cohesive in terms of layout and structure.


Creative Design

We use your style guide or brand guidelines (if you haven’t got any, speak to us!), brand elements like fonts and imagery to make sure your presentation is seamless with the rest of your great brand marketing. This is a collaborative process with the client. Therefore, we keep you involved in the design process to ensure you can direct us with any brand content issues.


Roll out and editable versions

Whether you need a pdf, a series of images or something more specific, at this stage of the brand presentation process we can deliver the precise file you need. If you might be looking to edit your design for a series of pitch decks or you just like the presentation format and would like it to align with your brand image moving forward, we can provide you with an editable Powerpoint version. It'll ensure your next pitch deck is just as good as the first, and if you're not confident, speak to us - because we have designed the basics of the slides, it wont be as much again to edit the content.


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