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Everything you need to know about our Creative Agencies approach to Building your Brand

You made it here! As primarily a brand agency, this is what we do best, where we hang our reputation and the basis of our service.

At On Poynt Creative we live strong brands, from the very inception of creating a brand strategy for a client, our graphic designers pour every ounce of passion into realising the look and feel that will build a strong brand identity.

Our process of developing a brand aims to build a brand strategy that is followed for the lifetime of your business, yes we know rebrands may happen and the business’ direction may waiver from time to time, but our creative agency is always there to guide you and optimise your brand, for an ever-changing world.

Branding design and its importance, the purpose of a branding agency?

Think of your favourite brands whether that be small business, start-up companies or major high street retailers. You see, investing in business’ products and services is so much more than a simple supply and demand consumer decision. The emotional relationship a consumer holds with a brand image can make the difference between a consumer loyally buying your goods for years to come, or getting ignored on the shelf and losing that customer to a competitor.

As strong brand can help leave a lasting impression on your target audience. At On Poynt we like to think of it like a dating app for your customers. Brands that don’t have a tone of voice synonymous with your familiar and attractive to your customer are bound to be ignored for more attractive and exciting prospects.

Our award-winning brand design process takes your values, ambitions and mission to the heart of your process. Our design agency knows the importance your brand, and how you show it is an extremely personal and emotional choice. Therefore we ensure you, as a brand owner, are integral to the decisions and direction we make during brand development.


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The services offered to create a strong brand identity

Building a strong tone of voice

The way your brand communicates with its customers, and arguably one of the most important branding factors when building a successful brand. We use experience in brand positioning, copywriting, customer modelling and creativity to craft a tonality that feel authentic & impactful.

Create a brand identity with a great logo design

We can’t go much further when creating a brand without mentioning the ‘L’ word. Your logo is the most important piece of graphic design you will ever own. It will most likely be the mark of which people familiarise themselves with you. Our logo design process has been adapted and enhanced to make sure your brand mark is instantly recognisable against your competition.

Build a strong brand colour palette 

As Coca-Cola is synonymous with a punch red, and clean white websites look ‘Apple’ like...

Colour plays a vital role in a sub-conscious familiarity with your brand.  We use colour psychology and subtle changes in tone and hue to make brands pop.

Choose typography that supports you business

Fonts for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term! Serifs can give a brand the look of tradition and heritage in the same way as sans serifs can make a brand more approachable and inviting. Our brand designers pair perfect fonts to give your brand’s communication the hierarchy and personality it deserves.

Stand out in a crowd with brilliant brand imagery

Brand messaging that promotes the brand

What you say, and where you say it is particularly important to your business' success. The ability to maintain their brand messaging is the key to brand strategy development that has longevity and can access brand loyalty from their customers for years. Our experts in brand can help you figure this out as part of your brand strategy. 

Building a strong brand Strategy: Our Award-Winning Branding Design Process


Discovery of brand strategies

Where developing a brand identity begins. We sit down with you and discuss brand strategy in terms of your personal values, your brand mission and your long-term goals for success. This isn’t a time the agency provides anything more than just an ear to listen out to what really makes your business tick.


Design Research & Brand Positioning

Before we get into the truly creative services we are known for, developing a brand identity requires a brand strategy and  marketing plan. Design research is where we delve into every aspect of your brand, Our agency will help you understand brand personality and how creative design will help to create brand identity. Design Research is split into 3 areas:

Value Mood boarding

Where we pull inspirational imagery that guides us towards a visual identity that is aligned with your values and the emotions you wish to communicate to your client

Analogous Brand Exploration

Bit of a mouthful really… We pull three different brands your customers buy into, that aren’t your direct competition, we analyse why their brand makes them successful with your target market a bring the best of them into your brand.

Competitor Analysis

Seeing what you're up against. We pull three of your competition and analyse how we can make your brand better than theirs. It's a sure fire way to ensure that your brand stands out in a crowd of competition. Our branding agency can help diagnose the areas your product or service differs from others and create a unique brand surrounding those themes.


Design Development

This is our favourite part of the whole process, once we have presented your research to you, we devise three individual brand stories we would like you to consider. Hiring a creative branding agency sometimes means you won't receive this. working with a branding agency sometimes means allowing them to choose the route to the brand they think you should be. However, our three stories normally equates to; one brand think you want to be, one brand we think you should be and a wildcard brand idea that makes you consider your brand in a way you probably never did. Each has their own personality, logo and tonality – amongst all the other areas mentioned above.

We then invite you back to the studio, we stick all of the stories on the wall and give you a marker pen to circle what you love and cross out what you don’t. We caveat the whole process by saying we don’t expect you to pick just one of the stories, but probably more likely an amalgamation of all 3.

This forges the foundations of which your brand will be delivered.


Brand Build & Roll-Out

From the foundations we then ‘add meat to the bone’ perfecting and graphically executing your brand identity design from top to tail. We ensure all facets of the brand building you loved in the research phase are pulled into one cohesive look. We don’t present back to you at this stage, because we are in communication with you all the way through this section to ensure you can suggest and adapt designs with us, ensuring a final design you love.

At this point we have created a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience, it will have elevated your brand to a visual identity you couldn't imagine at the start and you'll be excited to get going. At this point all that is left is to give you all if the files you need to start the journey to a cohesive brand. Our agency will also provide any extras you need to make specific items, nothing is too much at this point. If you need any guidance when you are using the assets, our branding agency will help suggest and areas you can help maintain a strong brand as you start to see the dream become a reality. 

We can also help with brand guidelines at this point, in case you need to pass any design over to another internal or external person. By doing this, it will ensure brand consistency through all of the marketing material you put out.


Brand Add-ons 

After our professional branding services have completed, our branding agency will work with you to identify any areas we can help with to keep a cohesive brand identity. This may mean you would like us to design a website, your social media, packaging, or any other number of assets is involved in building brand recognition.

Our branding agency can also provide any of the above services with a no obligation quotation. So you don't feel pressured into following a certain path when developing a brand strategy. 

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