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On Poynt Web Design Agency: Things to consider when designing and developing a website.

A well designed, clear and functional website is arguably one of the bets selling tools a business can possess. Your online presence representing your brand is practically your store front, and needs to build confidence with your consumer and optimised for conversion to mean you’re making the most of website traffic.

All too often, businesses see a website as a tick box exercise. They design a website on a platform such as Squarespace or Wix and expect it magically to start bringing in business for them. Sounds too good to be true right? Most of the time, it is.

You see On Poynt’s Website design services factor in your user’s customer journey, your conversion aims and your brand’s tone of voice to build a site that you are proud to call your own. We are specialists in UX and UI design (User experience and user interface for those of you who aren’t a geek!) which means we can take your overall brand look and feel and design your website as a seamless extension of your sales marketing.


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The types of website design

Service based Business Websites

Service based websites promote a specialist activity your provide to customers. Usually these convert by ensuring people reach out and contact the business through website forms or telephone. Brilliant website content, clear design elements and a focus on a clear site map are key to structuring your website so that customer's navigation through the site's design is effortless.

Brand Awareness Websites

As we said one of the biggest things to consider when designing a website is to create a user-friendly website that does the job your business wants it to. Sometimes that need to create a website is just to let website visitors know you exist.Think of your website as a shop on a high street, if it was out of date, with no one going there you would most likely find people wouldn't shop there. Same for a website without a good design and up to date content. Building a website for visibility may not be the best, or the only thing you want it to do - but if it is, maybe consider a one page website from us to make it inexpensive and easy to maintain. 

E-Commerce Websites

Simply, the only way a business owner can sell products online. We make sure that our e-commerce sites are built out on Shopify, the world's leading platform for e-commerce sites and are optimised with a clean design, SEO and (search engine optimisation) and a responsive design to ensure that when new visitors come to your website they have the best chance of buying, and making a conversion.

Portfolio Websites

Brilliant for photographers, artists or designers. Every website's overall design is extremely important, but if you are in a creative industry, its even more important your website and business look brilliant. From colour schemes to layout design and content we consider the overall design of the site based on the needs to show bright and brilliant images.

A common issue with this sort of site is the load time on pages with high quality content and large files. See we aim to keep people on your site, and if they experience long load times and not much action on your website, they are likely to leave and never return, let alone convert. That's why we use our expertise and knowledge on every website to mean your website runs smoothly and efficiently.

The process we follow when we design your website


Website Design Discovery

As it down meeting to establish exactly what it is your site needs to do. You might already have a great domain name and a fantastic product, but unless we can establish requirements and any bespoke content before designing and developing a website, we might miss something that is essential to your performance on social media or search engine results. Website design considerations start here, and as with all of On Poynt's services, we ensure the business owner is at the centre of the journey.


Wireframing and Planning

Planning the site design and layout is the first step to ensure when we are making your website look brilliant, we are not overlooking the layout of your site overall. Creating the website starts as a black and white grid, with boxes for logo and branding, copy and images. We discuss this with you as a client and ensure the customer journey is planned out to ensure the website's design actually works.


Copywriting and imagery

The thing that keeps people on your website is copy (words) and imagery (pictures). Any good website project will probably have already taken this into account way before we as designers get a hand on it, but sometimes - if it is a website redesign or you're not sure on the content of your website, you might need an expert's help. Thats where we come in. We take the time to design copy using google analytics and keywords to ensure the website would show up on a relevant Google search.


Optimize UX/UI Design

We utilise the best in website design software to ensure your customer's experience on your site is brilliant. We take into consideration layout the best colour schemes, and responsive design. Responsive design means that your website adapts to screen sizes, including mobile devices and larger, wide-screen monitors. On Poynt are experts in the design best practices when creating the site that makes a difference to your customer. We again keep you involved in the process, ensuring you are completely happy with your website before making a final decision. Our state of the art software produces online mock ups so that you can test it with your business partners or close family and friends.


Website Development and Building

We utilise WordPress to then build your site as per the design we have come up with on the 'front end' (what it looks like) this is when we code in all of your specific elements, and make your next website the most functional you've ever had. Once built, we then test all of the functionality works and that you won't find yourself in a crisis, on your busiest selling day of the year without a working site. Testing your website is the final step that a lot of agencies miss - vital to the longevity of your platform.

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