What we do

From brand identity to websites, logos to packaging. We pride ourselves on offering brand development that is bursting with creativity.

We keep our clients up-to-date at every step of the creative process, providing regular 'design checkpoints' to make we nail the client's creative vision. 

Brand & Identity

On Poynt Creative is passionate about taking your project and infusing it with identity and character.


Customers fall in love with well-designed brands, and we are those cupids (with Wacom pens!). We do quirky, classic or clever. Or how about a mixture of them all?


We get it. Even day-to-day, saying what you want to say is tough. And communicating your brand's message – for a website, brochure or Instagram post – can be even tougher.


Lucky for you, On Poynt Creative has a way with words, and can take a client's message and tone of voice, to formulate engaging copy for any creative project.  

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Print & Packaging

Creating sophisticated layouts, considered typography, and adding subtle details is what our print designs are all about. 

Packaging, on the other hand, is where our print skills come to life. It's what we did in the days before On Poynt Creative and where we feel right at home.


The beauty of most successful advertising campaigns is in their simplicity. A picture that's worth a thousand words accompanied by simple, but effective typography. 


At On Poynt Creative, we create print advertisements that sell themselves – your product is merely an added bonus.  

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Web & Digital

A well-designed website is a must-have for any company today and developing a strong online presence across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn is just as important. 

We are well-versed with all online platforms and can lend a creative hand with any Web & Digital services you require.

Design Research

Most successful creative projects are not created by chance. They are founded in considered design research that'll make customers, clients (and their pockets) happy.

On Poynt Creative offers an all-inclusive design research service – creating diverse moodboards and analogous brand inquiries, to ensure every design stands out from the crowd.

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Full End-to-End Service

Are you setting up a business and need creative support? Maybe you’ve tried to make your business look like your vision, but feel it lacks a clear identity or inspiration.

On Poynt’s tried and tested end-to-end service is a great option to get your brand up and running.

Can't find what you're looking for? 

That's fine, it would be very long if we gave you a list of everything we can help you with! Simply give us a call and we'll discuss where On Poynt Creative can help with your requirements.